Farewell Marc Dürr

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    Posted on November 5, 2010    

A few days ago I was really sad to hear that a good friend and fellow desert naturalist had passed away.  Marc Dürr was a special kind of person, with a passion for the Namib that only a hand full of people had. 

Marc started the well known Tok-tokkie trails on the NamibRand Nature Reserve south of Sesriem. 

Marc was passionate about all sorts of things related to the environment, and was a key person in helping NaDEET environmental education center come into existence. 

Marc was one of those rare guides who was well informed and communicated with passion.  I learned a lot from his style. 

Marc also loved birds, and despite being near neighbors in the desert, I only really got to know Marc well when I lived in Swakopmund, and spent time birding the coastal areas with him. 

Marc's special connection to birds extends to Vultures, and he was one of the big guys involved with the vulture ringing. 

Despite not having spent a great deal of time with Marc, I personally felt a had strong connection.  When I first did the Tok Tokkie Trail with Marc years ago we chatted long into the night about the Namib. 

It was always fun to go to talks with Marc - Marc was an environmentalist who did his homework well.  From massive pipelines crossing the desert (blocking the way of Springbok) to damage to coastal dunes - Marc had his say, to anyone who would listen.  He was always very well informed on the issues. 

Marc was always cheeky with a twinkle in his eye. 

Note:  If you happened to know Marc and for some reason found out about his passing here first, he has asked, instead of anything sent to them, rather make a donation to either NaDEET or Vultures Namibia.  If you would like to, you can get in touch with me and I'll give you details. 

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